What Our Clients Say About Us

We think we are the best in town, but incase you need more evidence here is some praise from our clients.

Oil Region Alliance

"Let me tell you again that the exhibit you designed is just what we envisioned in the RFP and more. We wanted something different than the normal trade show display yet, with the same ease of construction. And we wanted to give a strong visual sense of the Oil Region and its exciting history. I believe we accomplished that in Blue Ribbon form!...We can attest to its mobility, ease of installation and interest it has created. It was a pleasure to work with you and your colleagues at Phoenixx Design."
- Joyce C. Milberg, Project Manager, Heritage Development

“This project was financed in part by the Community Conservation Partnership Program from the Pa. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation, via the Oil Region Alliance. Additional funds were furnished by the National Park Service of the United States Department of Interior, and the Oil Creek Railway Historical Society.”

Inquizitive with Brad Rutter

"Phoenixx's customer service has been excellent. Dave has spared no effort to make things easier for me, including supervising the installation of our set at our first shoot and using the sheer force of his personality to obtain good deals on raw materials. He really goes the extra mile to come in under budget and minimize ancillary costs. In short, I would highly recommend Phoenixx Design Associates for any project in their field of expertise."
- Brad Rutter, Host/Executive Producer

Eyes of York

Our partnership with Phoenixx Design has been a very successful alliance for Eyes of York. For our practice, Dave Heltzel came at a time when our marketing had been disjointed; the image we projected was inconsistent. Whether it was our ads on the radio, our brochures, business cards…everything had a different look or a conflicting message. Phoenixx Design worked with us to form a cohesive plan within our budget to create a strong professional message for our clients. After spending countless hours listening to our business philosophy, Dave Heltzel developed a strategy that encompassed all aspects of client service. No detail was too insignificant; from coordinating our color palate on printed marketing materials to creating a jingle, company slogan, and television commercials. Furthermore, Dave Heltzel takes the time to understand the nuances of our business and innovates new ways to increase our clientele. Issues that in the past needed my constant attention are now expertly handled by Phoenixx Design. I would highly recommend this organization for their personable, professional, and comprehensive service. I am now confident that our business projects the image and nature of Eyes of York, and I am also confident that we will continue to experience the success that follows this achievement.
- Denise M. Visco, M.D.,
President, Eyes of York

Johns Hopkins University

"The President of Phoenixx Design, Dave Heltzel was extremely professional, flexible and thorough in his work. His skill and craftsmanship contributed greatly to the overall quality of the exhibits. He is communicative, collaborative, reliable and a pleasure to work with...On behalf of the entire mobility safety center team, I can most highly recommend the exhibit development skills and services of Phoenixx Design Associates. We would welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future."
- Andrea C. Gielen, Sc.D., Professor & Deputy Director,
Center for Injury Research and Policy

Goodwin Living Room & Fireplace

“We loved our kitchen and when it came time for a change, we contacted Phoenixx Design Associates and began reviewing our options for better flow and utilization of counter space for meal preparations. Also, it was more than just a kitchen. The breakfast nook and family room were all part of one open space. Each area had to be planned and work well with the other. Dave Heltzel made it convenient for us by meeting at our home and reviewing options for freshening our design within our budget. We could not be happier with the results. The space is beautiful, more functional and still dovetails with the rest of our home’s decor. Phoenixx Design’s attention to detail, professional approach, experience with upscale projects and product knowledge is more than we could have hoped for and the renovations suit our family's lifestyle to a tee. Given the opportunity, we would definitely hire Phoenixx Design Associates for more renovations.”
- Dennis Goodwin, Homeowner
David Heltzel
President & CEO

About Dave

“David Heltzel is the President of Phoenixx Design Associates, LLC. With 30 years experience in engineered products of all descriptions, he couples this talent with an artistic eye to ensure that all projects designed and produced by Phoenixx are beautiful and functional as well.”

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Peter Shrope
Sr. Exhibit Designer

About Peter

“Peter Shrope is the senior exhibit artist/designer of Phoenixx Design Associates. Peter is an exhibit designer with more than 28 years of experience in the field. His expertise is concentrated in the design, administration, fabrication and installation of museum displays.”

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Richard Chandler Hoff
Sr. Graphic Designer

About Richard

“Dick Hoff is an artist/designer who believes that his job is to make his clients look great. “I always try to give the client more than he or she anticipates,” Hoff says.”

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