Richard Chandler Hoff - Designer

Dick Hoff is an artist/designer who believes that his job is to make his clients look great. “I always try to give the client more than he or she anticipates,” Hoff says.

With a background in print graphics, signage, exhibit design and marketing, Hoff believes that each project must be approached on various levels at the same time. What is the client’s immediate need? What are the possible solutions? How will each of these solutions impact the client’s long-range plans? How can I best serve my client’s needs and take him beyond his own expectations?

One of Hoff’s specialties is branding and has designed many logos for a diverse list of clients. Understanding the subtle nuances required by each unique branding type is a challenge in which Hoff enjoys.

Signage as applied to environmental graphics and wayfinding is another of Hoff’s areas of expertise. After graduating from Maryland Institute of Commercial Art with a Bachelors in Fine Art, he helped start Apple Designs, Inc. and served as its senior designer when the firm distinguished itself in the field of airport signage. Having worked on projects among which were the United Airlines Terminal at O’Hare Airport, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and Baltimore/ Washington Airports. During his tenure at Apple, Hoff collaborated with Joseph Erhart, Apple’s founder, on the first major book to deal with problems of wayfinding in multilingual environments and signage compliance challenges with regard to the Americans with Disability Act. This publication went on to set the standard by which all airport signage in the U.S.A. would be designed. Eventually, Hoff left Apple Designs to join Belsigner Sign Works, a major fabricator of specialty signage. During his tenure with Belsigner, Hoff designed and engineered signage for a multitude of clients including British Airways, Legg Mason, USF&G, Integrated Health System and restaurant chains such as McDonalds, Hardee’s and Roy Rodgers.

As an exhibit designer, Hoff designed environments for Walt Disney productions, children’s T.V. workshop (Sesame Street) and for Charles Schultz “Peanuts” characters. He designed trade show exhibits for York Borg/ Warner, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and Carlisle Tire and Rubber. His museum design included exhibits for the Pennsylvania State Museum (Harrisburg, Pa), The Hadley Museum (Delaware), Carpenters Hall (Philadelphia, Pa) and the National Air and Space Administration (NASA).

Hoff’s varied experiences enable him to look at projects from various viewpoints and he has discovered his multi-disciplined background is a rich reservoir from which he can draw his creative inspiration.